Forehearth thermal conditioning

Forehearth temperature homogenisation system for installation in gas fired or electric forehearths to ensure accurate gob weight and shape control.

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  • For installation in the forehearth conditioning section
  • Proven for effectively removing side to side and top to bottom glass temperature differences
  • Particularly useful in wide forehearths or coloured glass production
  • High installed total power allows quick reaction to changing forehearth conditions
  • Multiple power zones and flexible configurations allow system operation to be tailored to suit individual job parameters
  • Proven installation techniques allow system to be added during operation without the need for draining or cooling down the forehearth
  • Automatic power/temperature and manual control facility for each heating zone
  • Utilises Electroglass’ special design dry electrodes to ensure consistent glass quality without risk of induced DC voltage, a problem common with some other designs
  • Low operating power, typically only a few kilowatts

Glass Types

  • Soda Lime
  • Borosilicates
  • Fluoride Opal
  • Lead Crystal
  • Container
  • Cosmetic
  • Tableware
  • Ovenware
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Tubing

Forehearth Thermal Conditioning

  • Gob weight differences reduced to only a few grams
  • Power to each zone provided by an air cooled, single-phase transformer
  • Electrode overall lengths and immersions to suit individual installations
  • Automatic power control of each zone as standard
  • Automatic temperature control utilising existing in-glass thermocouples
  • Control system bypass for emergency use

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