Specialists in all-electric furnaces

Electroglass has earned a worldwide reputation for technical innovation in the development of All-Electric Furnaces with exceptionally low energy consumption, coupled with high glass quality and flexibility of operation.

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  • Capacities from 200 kg/day to over 250 tonnes/day
  • Cold-top melters with superstructure temperatures typically less than 125 deg.C
  • Exceptionally low energy consumptions, usually 20% to 40% less than other designs
  • Negligible volatilisation and consistent thermal history mean high glass quality
  • Minimal environmental pollution, even from volatile glasses
  • Silent operation
  • Flexible operation with turndown to 50% of rated output or less
  • Ability to withstand long power interruptions without emergency measures
  • Even energy distribution for minimum refractory-glass contact temperatures and low refractory wear
  • Uniform refractory wear pattern and extended furnace life
  • Short cold repair time for maximum productivity
  • Low cold repair costs: glass contact equipment and substructure refractories only
  • No wall cooling or electrode changing required
  • Programmable CNC-controlled batch charging system on most furnaces
  • Critical equipment, such as control panels, electrode holders, batch chargers, designed and manufactured in-house
  • Choice of control systems using advanced PC/PLC technology and user-friendly software with options to suit particular customer requirements
  • Individual physical modelling and design studies carried out for each furnace project

Glass Types

  • Soda Lime flint, green and reduced amber and greens
  • Fluoride Opal
  • Borosilicates
  • Lead Crystal
  • C-Glass
  • Container
  • Cosmetic
  • Tableware
  • Ovenware
  • Lighting
  • Automotive
  • Insulator
  • Potassium Barium

Typical Energy Consumptions

  • 850 kWh/tonne for 20 tonnes/day borosilicate cookware
  • 780 kWh/tonne for 40 tonnes/day fluoride opal tableware
  • 750 kWh/tonne for 80 tonnes/day soda-lime cosmetic
  • 720 kWh/tonne for 160 tonnes/day soda-lime container

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