Highly efficient all-electric distributors and foreheaths

Highly efficient all-electric distributors and forehearths to cool and condition non-volatile glass types, providing precise temperature control and consistent thermal homogeneity.

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  • Distributor/forehearth completely electrically heated during normal operation and initial heat up
  • Actual case histories show operating cost savings of up to 80% when compared to equivalent gas-fired distributor/forehearths
  • Flexible design makes conversion of existing gas-fired or electric distributor/forehearth possible even during furnace campaign
  • Fast temperature response when increasing or decreasing gob weight ensures minimum production down time during job changes
  • Special profile heating elements and multiple heating zones allow precise containment of heating and cooling
  • Automatic power/temperature and manual control facility for each heating zone
  • Extremely high thermal efficiency due to low thermal mass superstructure and insulation
  • Special substructure design reduces temperature gradients and heat loss from the channel
  • Centre line radiation cooling and profile heating greatly reduce side to centre temperature differential
  • Optional additional Temptrim conditioning section electrode heating for precise gob weight control in low thermal transmission glasses
  • No cooling air or other fuels required

Glass Types

  • Soda Lime
  • Potassium Barium
  • Container
  • Cosmetic
  • Tableware
  • Lighting
  • Insulators

Electroflex and Electroflex-W Distributors

  • Channel widths, depths and lengths to suit existing layouts, where applicable
  • Simple, accurate temperature control
  • Substantial energy cost savings compared with gas-fired and other all-electric distributors and working ends
  • Passive centreline radiation cooling for optimum side to centre and top to bottom temperature homogeneity

Electroflex Foreheaths

  • Standard channel widths 305mm (12″) 400mm (16″) 660mm (26″) 915mm (36″)
  • Special channel widths also available
  • Lengths to suit existing layout and gob drop points, where applicable

Electroflex-W Foreheaths

  • Standard channel widths 1220mm (48″) 1370mm (54″) 1525mm (60″)
  • Special channel widths also available
  • Lengths to suit existing layout and gob points, where applicable
  • Independent side to side heating compensates for temperature imbalance

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