Precision controlled bubbling for glass homogenisation

Highly effective and economical method of homogenising glass during the melting process without the risks associated with conventional continuous type bubbling.

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  • Hot-spot bubbling improves thermal and chemical homogeneity in the melt, reducing cord and stone losses
  • Under batch blanket bubbling can improve melt-rate and increase furnace bottom temperatures
  • Reduces the overall time to complete a colour change and homogenises colour during the change
  • Slow precision bubbling eliminates the risk of seed and parasite bubbles in the product
  • Independent control of bubble size and bubbling rate for each bubbler point
  • Throat and distributor bubbling for intermittent use during colour or composition change
  • Unique blockage resistant bubbler tubes allow slow controlled bubbling without the risk of injector damage
  • Comprehensive operator interface with touch screen HMI allowing easy access to key system information and control variables
  • Design backed by more than 30 years of continuous development
  • Bubbling can be suspended for prolonged periods and effectively restarted

Glass Types

  • Soda lime
  • Borosilicates
  • TFT
  • LCD
  • C-Glass
  • E-Glass
  • Crystal
  • Container
  • Lighting
  • Tubing
  • Tableware
  • Pharmaceutical
  • TV Panel
  • Float Glass
  • Rolled Sheet
  • Fibreglass

Precision Control Bubbler Systems

  • Bubbler injector tubes available with platinum alloy coating for use in specialist glasses
  • Various bubbling mediums can be used including oxygen
  • Bubbler lengths to suit each installation
  • Volts-to-earth monitoring is included as standard where electric boosting is present
  • The ability to suspend bubbling removes the need for advanceable bubbler tubes currently employed in some applications
  • Bubbler tubes designed to operate for complete furnace campaign with no need for replacement
  • Proven installation techniques allow system to be installed during operation where suitable refractory construction exists
  • Control system can be interfaced with factory computer system on request

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