The increasing demand from consumers for glass containers produced in a more sustainable and environmentally ethical way means we are continuing to see greater interest and demand for our all-electric technology. One area where this interest is particularly high is all-electric forehearths.

Control and power system following final testing.

This week our Project and Electrical Engineers have completed testing of the control systems for two new All-Electric ‘Electroflex’ forehearths destined for a customer already operating multiple of these systems to great effect saving them on operating costs and reducing their carbon footprint.

Our new modular control systems require considerable less wiring once on site allowing for faster installations. All communications between each power module, the control panel, our SCADA system and the customer factory computer system are by means of a digital gateway meaning wiring is limited to zone power and thermocouple cables and a few network cables.

The Electroflex range can be designed to replace existing gas heated distributor and forehearth systems whilst maintaining established layouts, entry positions and gob drop points greatly reducing the costs associated with modifying existing installations. They can be tailored to suit all common channel widths from 660mm (26″) to 1520mm (60″); special channel widths and shapes can also be accommodated.

With operating cost savings as high as 92% when compared with natural gas and the complete removal of carbon emissions form site it is clear to see why this technology is becoming increasingly interesting.

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