Grahame Stuart our Technical Sales Manager will be presenting a paper at Glassman Latin America in May 24.

The paper entitled ‘RENEWABLE ENERGY IS ONLY A SMALL PIECE OF THE PUZZLE WHEN DESIGNING ALL-ELECTRIC FOREHEARTHS FOR A CARBON NEUTRAL FUTURE.’ looks at the important part energy efficiency will play in reaching ‘Net Zero’ by 2050.


We all understand the need to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and much has been written about the use of renewable energy within our industry. Yet the International Energy Agency (IEA) have stated that renewable energy alone will not help us beat the climate crisis and will only contribute around 32% of what is needed to meet the IEA’s sustainable development target. Greater focus is therefore needed on energy efficiency which makes up 37% of what is needed to reach the IAE’s target.

Combining the use of renewable energy with improved energy efficiency in the cooling and conditioning of container glass using an established design of all-electric distributor and forehearth can be implemented quickly, retain existing plant layouts, reuse existing support arrangements and steelwork and in many cases be carried out without waiting for a major furnace repair.

However, all-electric forehearth designs vary greatly and care must be taken to ensure an understanding of the many different approaches to ensure the maximum benefit of any investment is felt. With this in mind this paper will look at the various approaches to all-electric forehearth design including heat application using heating elements and dry electrodes, heating element and dry electrode design, the different approaches to cooling, including damper design and passive and forced air cooling, the use of gas back-up systems and how these may be detrimental to normal operation, and the considerations when melting low transmission or dark glasses.

All-electric forehearth design when implemented well can mean forehearth operating energy cost reductions of up to 90%, thermal homogeneity index of 98% or more and simple, stable, low maintenance operation.

Glassman Latin America will be held in Mexico City on 15th to 16th May 24.

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