We are currently building and testing a new bubbler system for an existing customer in the Far East. The Electroglass Precision Control Bubbler (PCBS) is a different concept to the commonly used continuous bubbling systems offered by others and is designed to ensure far less refractory wear whilst ensuring high levels of thermal and chemical homogeneity.

The PCBS uses a PLC control system to allow for a much slower rate of bubbling. Using precisely timed pulses of air or oxygen injected into the glass its helps to create large single bubbles capable of carrying cold glass to the glass surface allowing the hotspot burners to work more efficiently, leading to improvements in overall glass homogeneity. The system eliminates the rapid convection and bottom refractory wear associated with conventional bubbling ensuring longer furnace life and less maintenance.

The success of the PCBS is reliant on the use of our specially designed multi-core bubbler injector which has been proven in systems requiring very slow bubbling rates and in systems where bubbling may need to be suspended such as tinted float glass and colour change bubbling in container furnaces.

The links below are to some technical articles on the history and operation of our bubbling technology.

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