Electroglass has presented many papers on its technology and systems, a small sample may be found here. The articles are in Adobe Acrobat format.

Precision control bubbling

Glass Worldwide 2016

Molybdenum Electrode Holder Design

Glass Worldwide 2016

Energy Saving Forehearths

Glass Worldwide - 2013

All-Electric Forehearth Developments Part 1

Glass Worldwide - January 2011

All-Electric Forehearth Developments Part 2

Glass Worldwide - January 2011

Flying the Flag for Energy Efficiency

Glass International 2010

On the Level

Glass Worldwide 2010

Large Electric Melter Installations: The Way Forward?

Glass International - February 2009

Lightweighting Improvements

Glass Worldwide - 2009

The Family Firm that's Still Growing

Glass Worldwide - 2006

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